how can I make arrow up go up to the same position in writer?

I’m using version on UbuntuMATE 16.04.

When I’m typing in LO Writer, sometimes I see a need to go up to the previous line. When I press the up arrow key, the cursor moves to some unpredictable (to me, anyway) position on that line. How can I override that feature and make the cursor go up to either the position immediately above where it was, or to the end of the line (if the line is shorter than the current one)?

Use a fixed-width or monospaced font like Courier or Courier New. IIRC, Cursor Up and Down move the cursor to the character that’s the same distance from the left margin, calculated in characters.

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Hello @liberatedwriter,

You could also set the Selection Mode to “Block Area” via the menu "Edit : Selection Mode : Block Area" ( or by pressingSHIFT+ALT+F8 ), and then press the Arrow Up.

HTH, lib

THANK YOU! This has been the only real fault I’ve had with LO, but its been a huge annoyance for me as I regularly create and edit song sheets with guitar chords in LO and I need the cursor to move directly up and down so the chords appear in the correct place relative to the words.

Why this ‘random’ behaviour should be the default I have no idea.

Actually no, this doesn’t work permanently. After any other key press (other than arrow up or arrow down) the cursor behaviour reverts to standard. Merde !!!