How can I make shortcuts for the styles?

I’m writing a graphic novel and had made shortcuts for the styles in Microsoft word, to make the writing faster, since I’m switching from pages, panels, descriptions, and so on. I’ve found in LibreOffice Writer, where I can customize and view all styles, but I haven’t found a way to create shortcuts for each one.

Thanks for your work, by the way, you are shaping the future.

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What should happen if one of your shortcuts is activated?
( I actually do not clearly understand your “…since I’m switching from pages, panels, descriptions, and so on.”)
Using one of your shortcuts:

  • Do you want to apply one of your named styles to the current selection?
  • Do you want to get a new paragraph / table / object … inserted for subsequent editing?
    In the first case you may need to record little macros which you can assign to shortcuts then.
    In the second case AutoText... should be the appropriate means.

The format for what I’m writing requires five types of styles, that’s why I wanted to create the shorcuts, like the screenwriting softwares have. Thanks.


I still cannot clearly understand what you mean by “types of styles”.
Writer documents support 7 StyleFamilies: CharacterStyles, ParagraphStyles, PageStyles (without heritage), FrameStyles, NumberingStyles (sometimes named ListStyles), TableStyles (doubtable, imo), and (allegedly; I never worked with them in Writer) CellStyles.
What should I assume you mean by PANEL, DESCRIPTION or DIALOGUE in the context?

Alright, so as I mentioned the way I write for the format that I’m working on (Graphic Novel) requires 5 types of styles, each of one has its own paragraphStyle. For instance, the first one (PAGE) is bold and in bigger font size than the rest, the second one (PANEL) and the forth (CHARACTER) need to be underlined. So in order to work faster is so much better to be able to surf through the different styles using shortcuts, instead of selecting the styles from a side panel that holds the option. It’s just a matter of optimizing the workflow, you see now?

Shortcuts can be created in Tools>Customize, Keyboard tab. For styles, select Styles >“one of the sub-categories” in the Category list.

Choose the style you want to shortcut in the Function list and assign an available key combination from the top list (Shortcut Keys). Press Modify to finalise.

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The “Function” part of that description may be a little confusing.

The function to select is either a predefined operation (as available from menus and toolbars), run a macro, or assign a style. Select category at left first.

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Tools>Customize, then: