How can I make the default AutoCorrect work? (ellipsis, em dash, arrows...)

I’m using LibreOffice Writer Fedora edition.

When I type ‘…’, it is not automatically replaced with ‘…’ in Fedora 20, whereas it is in Ubuntu 14.04 with slightly older version of the software.

Same thing with replacing ‘—’ with ‘—’, ‘–>’ with ‘→’ etc.

The default language is set to French (Canada), and I checked and I do have the libreoffice-langpack-fr and autocorr-fr packages installed. The auto correction works if I manually add all the entries in DocumentList.xml found in /usr/share/autocorr/acor-fr-FR.dat . However, it is quite painfully long to do…

Salut: pour la révision et l’autocorrection en français, il y a l’extension Grammalecte, module très intéressant de correction grammaticale pour le français.

For French grammar checker and autocorrection, you can use Grammalecte:

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By the way, automatic ellipsis mark is a problem with LibreOffice. Writing both in French and Spanish, if I write 3 dots “…” AutoCorrect replaces it by a real ellipsis mark “…” ONLY if there is a space before. But if I put the dots after a word (which is the case most of the time) the AutoCorrect doesn’t work.

If someone knows how to fix this without using extension, would be great to know.