How can I make the draw page background transparent?

Is there any way to make the backround of a draw page transparent and export to SVG


(testing on LO on Ubuntu 12.04.1)

Hi @PaulValley,

In my copy of LibreOffice Draw, it seems that the background defaults to transparent. I just opened up LO Draw and added a rectangle with rounded corners to the middle of the page. I then added some text “Hotdog Cart”, and then exported the file as an SVG.

I opened the file with Inkscape, and the file seems to have a transparent background. If you don’t have Inkscape, you can test the file in your browser.

Here’s a snippet of (non-validating) HTML that should provide an adequate test of transparency:

  <body bgcolor="purple">
    <p>Test an SVG file to see if it has a transparent background.
    <img src="your-svg-file-goes-here.svg" />

To test your own SVG image for transparency:

  • Toss the above code into a text file named “svg.html”,
  • put your svg file alongside it, in the same directory, and
  • open the svg.html file in a webbrowser.

If successful, you should see an absolutely hideous webpage with

  • a dark purple background,
  • black text lurking in the upper-left corner (superb contrast with the purple, natch :P), and
  • your SVG image floating in the center.