How can I make toolbars reappear

I installed the later version o Libre office and whenever I I load Writer, no tollbars are visible and I can;t work

Did you made a clean install, or it was upgraded the LO without uninstalling the full older version? What version of the LO was/has been installed - and what is your operating system?

In the absence of factual information, I can only guess (which is the “later” version? What is your OS?)

In case you still have the menu bar visible, View>Toolbars>… and choose which one you want visible.

If you have no menu bar, you perhaps switched to another UI but you should have at least tab names. At the far right there is a not-so-obvious button to revert to more traditional UI.

It may be also that you are under Windows and the installation process damaged your user-profile. If you have the menu bar, Help>Restart in Safe Mode and select the option to reset your user profile.

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Guys thank you for your Help. Evenually I uninstalled the program in favor of a clean install. It appears everything is working OK.