How can I make two images the same size in Writer?

The two images in question are both perfect squares and need to be resized after being placed into the document.

In what way do they “need to be resized”? Because they initially appear too big, too small, or non-square?

  • add both pictures in writer
  • click on the first (green corner points become visible)
  • right click and select picture next tap: Type
  • at the left top corner you see where you can fix the size you need
  • repeat the same procedure to your second image

@newOOo3 - Looks like a very nice Japanese application. Thanks for the hint.

I recommend that you try to use the following URL extension. It is the extension of Apache OpenOffice, but you can use it probably.

Extention name : FitShape( URL : )

[ way to use ]

  1. When you install the extension,item named FitShape is added to the menu bar
  2. Select some images.( Shift + click )
  3. Click ‘FitShape’, then you see three commands.
    << Command >>
    • 幅を揃える → Fit width
    • 高さを揃える → Fit hieght
    • 幅と高さを揃える → Fit width and height
      and height