How can I merge a csv file into a Calc file?

I have exported a CSV file from file maker pro. How can I merge this file into a calc data file in LibreOffice?

See my previous question “merging two separate csv files”

Right click on the file
select: Open with
select: Calc
an import windows pops up
make the right selection (you see the results immediately in the preview window)
click OK and you have it in Calc
When saving make sure you save to ods format because it might save automatically to csv.


open Calc
File > Open > make sure File Type is set to “All Files” or select according to your needs
Rest is same as above.

Once you are in Calc, you can move many original csv-files into one Calc file. Each csv-file becomes one worksheet in Calc.

Thanks for your help

This is not a very useful answer. It essentially says open the csv file in another instantiation of calc, or another sheet, and copy the contents to where you want them. Maybe there is no way to do this automatically?

Might ‘Insert Sheet’ > ‘From file’ > (BROWSE csv-file) > (set import specifics)

meet your needs?

Thanks for that