How can I move/reorder the layer labels/tabs at the bottom of the window in LO Draw?

I can’t seem to find a way to reorder the layers are shown at the bottom of the screen. That is, I have layers “Layout”, “Controls”, “Dimensions”, 1, 2, 3, 4. But say I want the order of the TABS to be 1,3,2,4 instead. I can’t find a way to move the tabs to a different order. IS there a way to do this? How? Thanks.
LO Version:, Mac OS 10.14.4, MBP 15" retina mid 2015

Obviously there is no way to do that, same in ancestor program OpenOffice. Despite other drawing programs it is not possible to change entire layers in arranging (to front or background), only the single objects (or groups etc) indipendent of layer…

In addition to @Grantler answer, please note that Draw’s “layers” are not real layers, but “labels.” The order of the objects in the drawing is set in a case by case basis independently from the layer in which the object was created: layers are only used to group objects and assign to them, all at once, some properties, such as making them invisible, not printing them, even protect them from modifications independently from the other objects attached to the other “layers.”

For whom it might be of interest:
I came across a google search to this page having exact the same problem of not being able to re-arrange the (custom) layers in LO Draw. Obviously the issue still exists in 2022. So while not having now the time to fix it in the code, here is at least a quick work-around:
Reorder_Layers_in ODG.pdf (62.1 KB)

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