How can I not indent the body of an outline paragraph?

I want to use outline numbering, but not indent the body of any paragraph.

What is your definition of “outline”? Do you mean “chapter numbering”? If so, @EarnestAl’s answer addresses list numbering. The dedicated settings for chapter numbering are in Tools>Chapter Numbering. They are the same as Format>Bullets & Numbering.

These settings are automatically used when the to-be-headings paragraphs are styled Heading n (n=1 to 10 is heading level).

You probably want some sort of indent for the text at least otherwise the numbering will be lost in the text.

Select your list, right-click and select Bullets and Numbering. In the dialog that opens, click on the Position tab. Look at the 3 settings; Aligned at, Tab stop at, Indent at, to see how they relate to each other. Work out what settings you want for you list and write it down. Under Level click 1-10 (see cursor in screenshot) to select all levels, then enter your written down values. Click OK. Create a new style for the list

Or Outline

Thank you. That answers my question. Pretty simple once you understand how it works.

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