How can I open a libreoffice 4.2.x document with libreoffice 4.1.x

Hello everyone, I have a document thas was made with libreoffice 4.1.x in Chakra OS. After some problems with that distribution I installed Elementary OS and added the libreoffice ppa, so libreoffice was updated to 4.2.3. With that version I modified the document and save it. The problem is that in other computers I still have the 4.1.x version and I can’t open the document, every time I try to open it, the libreoffice window opens and a bar appears in the bottom of the screen and keeps there, there is no error message and after a while the window closes.

If you didn’t use any special LibreOffice related features in that file, a quick workaround would be to save the file with the 4.2.3 version in some other file format such as RTF or DOC (using file > save as). Then open it again in LibreOffice 4.1.x and save it as ODT to continuw working. You might need to reformat a couple of things, but it will give you access.

I do have a lot of custom styles applied to the document: page styles, paragraph style, figures index, table index, content index, bibliography, etc. maybe there is a way of “checking” or “cleaning” the file in order to remove the inconsistency that is not allowing to open the file in 4.1.x. Or how can I know what is that “something special” with my file

Try my answer using the format “Open Document Text (FlatXML)” with the extension .fodt

It seems there is something special with your file. Follow the advice of @lonoob. However, there is no problem to open an odt-file in 4.1, which was created in 4.2.