How can I print 4-handouts/page with Impress PDF export?

I can’t find any option to make handouts (multiple slides per A4) as a .pdf file. PDF export will present you with a whole bunch of options, but handouts isn’t one of them. I tried to use Google to solve this problem, but I encountered that this seems to be a bug being discussed for years.

Is this option still not available? Why should printing to a physical device be different than exporting to .pdf?

I don’t know your OS. But, it is available on Linux, I hope so on Windows. You can choose File - Print, in the Print dialog box choose General Tab and change Document Slides to Handouts. And then choose Options tab and tick the Print to the file option. And press the Print button. In this way you can save handouts as .pdf file. I hope this can be helpfull.

If you’re using Mac OSX you should also be able to use printing options to get what you want and print to PDF. If you’re using Windows, you can also achieve this by first install PDF Creator, then using the printing dialog to print to the virtual PDF device instead of using PDF Export.

It seems that is not possible directly:
" Exporting handouts to PDF
At present there is no way to export handouts to PDF; if you try, you get the slides (one per page)
instead. However, you can print to a PostScript file, if you have a postscript printer driver installed,
and then use another program (such as Ghostscript or Adobe Distiller) to create a PDF from the
PostScript file. "
…BUT …
I have “Nitro PDF Creator (Reader)” installed on my computer and Print dialog window lists it in the “Printers” on the “General” tab. If you select under “Option” tab of the “Print” dialog window “Print to file” then it produces you a pdf file for the type from the “Document” pull down list on the “General” tab.

On Ubuntu Linux is very easy to print handouts to PDF, just install cups-pdf package, print to “PDF” printer, and then find your file over “PDF” folder on your home.