How can I print a brochure using libreoffice for mac?

The print dialog box is completely different in mac. There is no properties tab to change to “brochure”.

  1. LibreOffice 4.3, English, Writer
  2. OS X 10.10.1, English

Print > tab: Page Layout> select Brochure (left side middle) > OK

It is not Properties but Page Layout.

I also recommend to have a look at the free guides, which you can download from

I found it:

File > Print…
In the window that appears click “Show Details” on the bottom left. The window will grow.
Ensure that “Libreoffice” is selected from the dropdown list which is at the top of the space that just appeared.
In the pane on the right click the “More” tab, then select “Brochure”.


File > Printer Settings…
In the window that appears click “Options…” on the bottom left.
Under the middle heading “Pages”, select “Brochure”.