How can I print a flowing newspaper-style multiple column page from a simple Calc sheet?

I have a long sheet with only 2 columns (think name, phone number) .
I would like to print it so that it flows down the page then up again into a second and third column.
For example:
Alpha 123
Bravo 234
Charlie 345
Delta 456
Echo 567
Foxtrot 678
Golf 789
Hotel 891
India 910
are all as two long columns, but they should print as: Alpha 123 Delta 456 Golf 789 on the first line, followed by Bravo 234 Echo 567 Hotel 891 on the second line then Charlie 345 Foxtrot 678 India 910. I’m sorry but I typed this as it as I described it but all my formatting is removed when I save it here!

Is this possible?

Thank you.


Use the drop down menu, File/Print, in the Print dialog that opens, select the Page Layout tab.
In the Page Layout tab, select Pages Per Sheet drop down, and pick the number of pages you need to print per page.