How can I print calc spreadsheet as a landscape?

I created a spreadsheet in Calc and can work with it fine until I go to print it. No matter what I do (printer settings etc.) Libre Office insists that the only way to print is as a portrait even if the printer is set to landscape mode. The paper may orient as a landscape but the image is still limited to the same image that would have printed as a portrait. I don’t get the whole 1 page spreadsheet on a single page. I used to get around this by previewing in web browser and printing from there. That no longer works because the text in my column headings used to wrap and print as multiple lines but now will print on a single line. This really throws the appearance of my spreadsheet off. I wish I could rollback to the earlier version of Libre Office. I have both a desktop and a laptop running Windows 10, Libre Office version and using Microsoft Edge as browser.

Have you set the page up in Format->Page…?

That was it. I just missed it. Thank you so much. I had looked at that tab before and just totally missed the landscape setting.