How can I print in reverse for an iron-on transfer?

I made a cute little t-shirt design for my one year old niece and I need to print it backwards on an iron-on transfer sheet so the writing will be correct on the shirt. Can I do this from LibreOffice, or should I go find special software for iron-ons?

I would not work on Writer but on Draw and there you may mirror all objects. But there are some differences.

It is effortless to mirror images (properties; Flip).

For texts (textboxes) you have the choice of two proceedings: (cut out and) Special paste or right click and conversion into Curves, GDI or Bitmap. I would prefer curves or GDI format, because if text is transformed into curves you won’t have any problems with pixelation…


  1. Finish your Drawing without mirroring
  2. Duplicate Page (Insert menu)
  3. Convert your text and mirror it in the duplicated page; if something goes wrong, you always can copy from original page
  4. If necessary save as PDF or other suitable format


This is typically a printing driver issue. Some offer the possibility to mirror vertically and horizontally. If I remember right (it’s quite a long time I last used one), this was the case in MacOS.

If you’re on Linux, depending on your skill, you could implement a CUPS custom filter to mirror coordinates. With Postscript backend or intermediaite print language (eventually add a call to a conversion program like pdf2ps), it reduces to provide a transformation matrix.

(Info, not actally an answer)

The need of workarounds is due to bug tdf#35913 in this case.

Inspecting the ancestors I found that the bug was (at least) already present in StarOffice 5.2 of 2000-05-08. It therefore also was inherited by Apache OpenOffice and it is still present there in the recent version AOO V4.1.3.
For LibO it was reported on 2011-04-03 and confirmed on 2011-12-27.

See also the attachments to my comments #13 and #18 to the mentioned bug. The bug seems to be heavily interweaved.