How can I properly display standard deviation on a calc chart?

I am a total newbie with this kind of operations, but I have a calc sheet with four values and I want to create a chart out of those values, showing two (indipendent) average values and their standard deviations. This is the data that I’m using.

  avg ratio 1/2                 avg ratio 2/1
       0.72                          1.40
standard deviation            standard deviation   
       0.67                          2.24

I have created a bar chart by selecting the first two rows, and it just worked.

Then I have tried to add an “error bar Y”, selected standard deviation… but I can’t set the values, so this is probably not the correct choice.

So I have clicked on the first bar, selected “data area”, then specified the value for the first bar (A4) and the “same value for both” checkbox… it seemed to work but… if I select the second bar the deviation disappears.

Lastly, if I try to do the same directly on the second bar, the standard deviation line goes outside of the chart’s margin, and I can’t see its boundaries.

How can I properly create this kind of charts?

A comment on this: I found it hard to spot where to link actual cell (data range) for error bars. I found that you have to select the series you’re interested in, then right-click and select ‘format error bars’. Then on the ‘Y Error Bars’ tab, there is a place to select a cell range for the + and - (or both the same) error bar data ranges. (It is sometimes hard to use the mouse to select specific data series, especially when there are many series on a figure; there should me a mouse way too)

Looks like there is a bug in Libreoffice on Ubuntu 15.04. If I try to do the same with LibreOffice 4.2.x it seems to be correctly working.