How can I reactivate menu accelerators?

In upgrading to LO I seem to have lost the keyboard menu accelerators in Calc and Writer. These are really important to me as I find LO really difficult to use without them. Searching the documentation I can find no instructions for getting them back. I apologise if they’re there somewhere, but when I tried to follow the instructions at link text there was no “Rename” option.

I don’t really want to customise the Accelerators, just turn them back on, so I can use them. How do I do this?

Which OS and version?

PCLinuxOS with KDE desktop.

Ooh, interesting! It still works with LXDE, although I have to press Alt to see the underlines. Could it be a KDE problem?

Even more interesting, having logged back into KDE after logging out of LXDE, I now see the same in both desktops, ie the accelerators work again, so maybe it was just a one-off problem, or maybe it only applies to the first log-in to the desktop. Anyway, it looks more like an OS problem than an LO one now, so I’ll close this now.