How can I read my odt document as a continuous document

For some reason, the odt docs that I create have the text staggered instead of continuous like every other document I have made. So Page 1 is way over to the right, and I have to side scroll to see it, then page 2 and 3 are side by side so I am continuously scrolling to read small bits of text. It’s driving me crazy please help, I don’t even know how to ask the question.

Writer allows several views of your document:

  • single page (probably the mode you expect)
  • multiple page
  • book mode where left and right pages are simultaneously displayed side by side

The latter two modes are best used with wide screens.

In you case, you enabled one of these. See the small icons to the left of the zoom slider iat right of the bottom side bar. Click on the leftmost one. In the image below, book mode is active.

Zoom Slider

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Thank you very much