How can I recover a document after a HUGE Crash?

Alright, this happened earlier today…
It was a completely new (Untitled and all) document and I got up to page 17 when it suddenly froze.
I waited a few seconds, but it was still frozen.
I have my autosave set for every minute, so I waited for it to load cause it’d usually lag after that.
Nope. And I couldn’t X out or save it… so, I tried restarting to see if that’d work… but still, nothing… not even ‘You have docs with unsaved changes, click to restore them’. And I tried some suggestions about going through the Tools>LibreOffice>Path thing, couldn’t find it.
I REALLY don’t wanna have to rewrite the entire document, so… anyone got any idea how I can fix it? Please?

And it is not in the autosave folder? Do you have backups set to happen? Although it may not be able to backup an unnamed file.

Also check the temp folder. Users/You/AppData/Local/Temp

According to the help:

Save AutoRecovery information every
Specifies that LibreOffice saves the information needed to restore all open documents in case of a crash. You can specify the saving time interval.
Specifies the time interval in minutes for the automatic recovery option.
Automatically save the document too
Specifies that LibreOffice saves all open documents when saving auto recovery information. Uses the same time interval as AutoRecovery does.

Nope, not in the autosave folder. I didn’t have any backups at the time because I didn’t think it would be this bad (Big mistake), And I checked the Temp Folder but still nothing.

To discover the Backups & Temporary Files folders:

`menu:Tools | Options | LibreOffice | Paths` (or) `Alt-F12`

Make sure to set to also see hidden files (just in case).