How Can I Redesign A Report In Base?

My apologies if this is a very stupid question, but I am having difficulty finding my way around the menus in Base.

Running Libre Office under Win 8.1.

Having created a report, can I alter the design, or must I throw it away and create a different one from scratch? Using MS Access there was an option to switch easily between report view and design view, but if there is something equivalent in Libre Office Base I’m afraid I can’t find it. No doubt it is staring me in the face!

I believe I have already found a possible answer to my own question.

Select the completed report, Right Click, select Edit and there you are, at the design view. (Rt click also offers a ‘copy’ option so you can make a copy to fiddle with and still keep the original until you are satisfied).

This may not be the best option; if anyone can suggest a better way I would be grateful.