How can I remove conditional formatting styles in Calc?

I have created several styles which I no longer use. I currently use Arch Linux, with LibreOffice | Version:

What about F11, right-click on style name and Delete?

Del Style

Many thanks; this does not work on my version!

What does actually happen if you try to open the ‘Stylist’

  • with F11
  • going > ‘Format’ > ‘Styles’ > ‘Styles and Formatting’ ?
    Is your question actually about deleting styles? There are no generic “conditional formatting styles”. Any named cell style can be used with CF.
    If you delete a style used with CF the respective functionality of the CF concerned will vanish. The CF itself will persist with void style. To avoid old rubbish first rework the CF, then delete unused styles.

May be sheet or workbook is protected?

From the menu Format, Styles, Styles and Formatting, or press F11.

In the Formatting and Styles toolbarat the right side of the screen, right click on unwanted styles and choose delete.