How can I remove double carriage returns?

I have a long OCR-generated document with a carriage return at the end of each line and two carriage returns at the end of each para. I want to make the text in each para wrap around by replacing the double carriage return by (arbitrarily) ***, replacing the remaining carriage returns by a space, and then restoring the paragraph breaks by changing *** back to two carriage returns. What should I use to indicate two carriage returns in the Find/Replace box? §§ doesn’t seem to work. I’m using LibreOffice with Mac OS 10.11.1, and have the Alternative Searching 1.4.1 extension installed.


If I understand you can do this by 3 EditFind & Replace:

Other options: check Regular expressions

  • Search For: ^$

  • Replace With (something not occurring anywhere else in the text, like): µµµ

  • Replace All

  • Search For: $

  • Replace With: Space

  • Replace All

  • Search For: µµµ

  • Replace With: \n\n

  • Replace All


Thanks, that’s done the job.