How can I remove spacing around an image copied from html?

I have a block of text and an included image imported into writer from html. I am trying to reformat this to print, with a much smaller version of the image. after resizing the image, there is a large block of space before and after the image. If it is highlighted, it looks like there is a single blank after the image in, like, 120 point type. But there isn’t, at least not one that can be deleted. I have tried dragging and dropping it, cutting and pasting the image, reformatting the text around it, deleting everything immediately before and after it, clipping out a piece of it. No matter what I do, this now postage-stamp sized image takes up a third of a page

I have two related questions.

  1. How can I eliminate the excess space around this image?
  2. Is there any sort of “display formatting” command or view that would show me what is holding it in place so that I would know what to look for? Because I have had problems of this general sort with copied snippets many times, and I’d like to learn how to diagnose them.

Edit your question to tell if the image resides inside a frame. If you don’t know technically what a frame is, please attach a sample file (reduced to 1-2 pages) so that we can analyse it.

To see the formatting, enable View>Formatting marks.