How can I remove the .doc filename association?

I uninstalled the program today, but when the little LibreOffice logo is still on the document, and when I open the document (word) it still opens as a LibreOffice document and not as a Microsoft Word document (which is what I had originally) … I need this program removed entirely, any suggestions?

It also looks like the application was not removed afterall. I would double-check.

Hi @Zita, Two questions (1) Did you find an answer to your question? (2) When you said a document opens as a LibreOffice document, do you mean it opened in LibreOffice, or do you mean that it was in the ODF file format?

Try to change *.doc file association from LibreOffice to MS Word. How to do this described here and more detailed - here. I hope this information will be helpful for you.