How can I remove the extra space occurring after some list items in Writer

I have documents (originally created in MS Word) mainly consisting of numbered lists. Certain list items on just a few of the files are, apparently at random, followed by additional unwanted space, of around 10px. The bottom spacing is retained on the offending item even when I re-order the list. When paragraph symbols are set to display there is additional space visible above and below the symbol. I’ve read the manual, played around with the format and styles menus, but nothing works. In fairness I think the problem probably carries over from the Word files, where it was perhaps less visually obvious. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Share a sample file.

If the file comes from M$ Word, it surely is a real mess because MSO format cannot bijectively be translated to ODF. Consequently, where in ODF you’d have only a few styles to tune, a converted file is a collection of direct formatted instances. My recommendation; once the problem is identified, is to restyle methodically the document to give it a neat manageable structure (and also to eliminate all conversion-induced styles).

Sample files may be attached to your question by editing it and using the paperclip tool.

Have you tried creating a new document in LO and cutting and pasting your M$ document into it? Does the issue appear then? I would assume that after such an operation there would still be more formatting to be done, but you might want to give that a try instead of just trying to open the file in LO.