How can I report a bug that is only reproducible with a very long document?

Hello! I have encountered a very troublesome bug where some images in my document are repeatedly cut off. (If I edit any text in the line the images are in, or above, the full image gets restored, but are cut off again when I close and re-open the document) This problem has led to significant problems with PDF documents I have been producing, because the lower edge of the images that get cut off contain crucial information. The bug is very similar to a report I found on Stackoverflow that was posted almost 10 years ago (crop - Why do my pasted images looked cropped in LibreOffice Writer? - Stack Overflow).

Since this is such a significant bug to me and nothing I have tried has reliably solved the problem, I would like to file a big report. However, the document that is causing the most reproducible version of this problem is my PhD dissertation, which is quite long and I am not sure I want to post it publicly yet anyways, since it is not finished. The problem disappears if I shorten the document. How can I report this bug if the file required for reproducibility is long and I am not willing to publicize it?

Either you create a publicly shareable document (the file size limitation in our bug tracker is 30 MB, IIRC), or you contract some professional support, with an NDA.

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Thank you, Mike. I will try replacing the body text with lorem ipsum to create a reproducible document. I appreciate your quick response.