How can I reset dialog box positions?


I have a dual monitor setup, and whenever a dialog box appears (eg. the “Properties…” box), it is half off the top of the screen, so I can’t grab the top of it to move it. Is there any way I can reset the position off all the dialog / pop-up boxes? Or should I just re-install the whole LibreOffice app from scratch?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

Ah! I simply switched off one of my monitors; Windows recognised this and repositioned LibreOffice on my second monitor, and I could then bring up a Properties settings box, and it was more or less in the centre of the screen. I moved it around a bit to let LibreOffice know where to put it, then switched the other monitor back on, and now everything is nicely centred and accessible.

But it seems that I’ll need to do this with EVERY dialog box; LibreOffice still wants to put other dialog boxes off the screen.

I’d still be reassured to know if there’s a way to reset these positions. Something like Adobe applications’ Layouts/Workspaces.

Press Alt+Spacebar, Move should be selected in the title bar but press M to be sure, you would see a four-headed arrow on the title bar if it were visible. Move the window with mouse or use the arrow keys to move the print dialog box to suit. Click the left mouse to release or, on keyboard, Esc.