How can I reset numbering of a list at the start of each page?

I’m writing using a radio script format that requires numbering of blocks of text, but it needs to restart at the top of each page. Also, to add to the complexity, not all paragraph types should be counted (e.g. scene headings).

For example:

Scene one: Josh’s bakery


  2. JOSH: I dislike baking, I dislike the piccolo. Why am I here? Oh how it goes on and on and I wish I could stop baking or purchase some bagpipes to drown out my torment. Instead, I shall moan for a while so I can ensure that I hit a few natural line breaks and everybody can see what is going on here

3: LENNY: hush.

Regardless of whether or not the scene carries over onto the next page, the numbering should start back at 1 with the first line. As you can see, it is similar to line numbering that restarts with each new page, but it’s more like paragraph numbering–which isn’t an option. So, I’m going with normal numbering, but I can’t seem to figure out a way to make it automatically restart with page breaks.

Here is a link to the sample format if that helps:
BBC radio drama format

Libreoffice Writer English-US
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Linux 3.16.0-38-generic x86_64 Ubuntu 15.04 English-US

Hi hoogamagoo

I know of no method to make the list numbering auto-restart on a new page. However, the line-numbering toolbar contains a button to quickly re-start numbering.

  • To view that toolbar:-
    (menu):ViewToolbarsBullets and Numbering (give it a :heavy_check_mark:)
  • To manually change all list options, including the start number:-
    (menu):FormatToolbarsBullets and Numbering...Options (tab)

The following keyboard-commands may help (below is specific to what happens whilst inside a list):-

  • Enter/⏎ (Return) key: next number/bullet
  • Shift+Enter/⏎ (Shift+Return) key: new-line, but no next number/bullet
    (same as Insert Unnumbered Entry button in toolbar)
  • Ctrl+Enter/⏎ (Ctrl+Return) key: new-page + next number/bullet

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For those who could not see the button, this is what it looks like on LibreOffice Writer 6.0.

image description