How can I restore original dialog box


Some time ago I had problems with the Impress app. I searched forums and applied a solution. This changed the way the dialog box (Open file and Save file) displays for all Libre Office apps (see attached). Dialog box Libre Office.png

How can I restore the original dialog box?




Unfortunately many who create an account here to ask a question never bother to try and comprehend how the site works. When you have signed in you are on the main page. On that page, there, in the right hand column, is a section called Resources. Please take just a minute or two to read How to use the Ask site. It’s not all encompassing but will provide basic information to ask a bit better question than you have.

There are also a few other links at the bottom of the page - FAQ & Help which are often overlooked and contain other information.

Thank you for your suggestion. It is helpful as a first-timer here to know. I wasn’t aware of the page.


Here is a case in point (re: comment). You have not specified your OS or LO version.

If on Mac select LibreOffice > Preferences

Otherwise from the menu select Tools->Options

Then with either, under LibreOffice->General in right pane under Open/Save Dialogs is the setting Use LibreOffice dialogs. Remove the check mark with a left mouse click.

Given the fakepath in the hyperlink (“C:\…”), I was sure it was Windows … until I saw the path screenshoted on the image (/home/…). Confusing. Explicit statement of all relevant information in the question is a must indeed.


Thanks for your response. My apologies for omitting my OS. It is Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS.

I tried the suggestion but there is no option for Open/Save Dialogs under General. And I can’t see how to attach a screenshot to a comment to show you. The options I have under General are:
Document Status
Year (Two Digits)
Help improve LibreOffice


And LibreOffice version
Build ID: 1:6.0.7-0ubuntu0.18.04.10
CPU threads: 4; OS: Linux 4.15; UI render: default; VCL: x11;

Sorry but don’t have any further answer. I do see (loaded LO that setting is not there. I am currently using v6.3.3.2 (TDF version) on Ubuntu 18.04 where it is present.

You may want to consider an update. Yours is a bit old.

As you can see posting basic information is important. And you can add an image from the toolbar (upper left when editing question/answer). It is the icon immediately left of the paperclip.

See 6.0 release notes for the description of the change (deprecation of the internal file pickers) and the way to still access the setting. Obviously, this has been then reverted.