How can I retain focus on a record while releasing a filter?

This concerns the lack of a simple means to find/go to a record in Base. I can circumvent this by using a filter on a form, which is very quick and effective. But this excludes all non-matching records in the table. When I cancel the filter, the form is reloaded and the focus returns to the first record.

Within a macro (attached to a push-button), how can I force the focus to remain on the chosen record when the filter is released (thus revealing neighbouring records)? I presume this is a matter of storing the record no., but I am not clear how to do this.


Yes, there is no “record search” mechanism in Base. What you are asking for really means you need a completely different direction. Filtering is not going to help. You need to write a macro and search the existing data displayed in your control to find the record and then mark the control as the selected record. All other records then remain.

Ha! Thank you. I had read some of the other enquiries about finding records, and hoped that this might provide a simpler line of approach, but evidently not. I shall play around some more and see if I can arrive at a solution which is not too code-heavy without coming back for help!