How can I retreive an earlier iteration of a spreadsheet

I have a monthly budget spreadsheet (2018.04.ods) which I wanted to clean up and save as 2018.05.ods. I inadvertently saved it as 2018.04, so now that month is no longer populated. Is there a way to retrieve my April transactions?

@nancyofnc - Please don’t post as a “wiki” – this is a specific question which affects only you, not a “community wiki”. Thanks.

I have no idea how to post as a wiki. This was my first post and I did my best.

Hi @nancyofnc - Somehow you must have checked this box. Not to worry – you’ll know not to next time! :wink: And I hope you found your file…

IF you only did this once, it MIGHT be in your backup directory (IF you have automated backups enabled).

Check the location on your system by going to Tools > Options... > LibreOffice > Paths, and see the location of the backup directory. Navigate there with a file manager, and see what the directory contains. If you’re lucky, you might have an older version of the file there. No promises.

Good luck.

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Thank You!