How can I run a macro at regular time interval?

how can I run a macro at regular time interval?

Just an idea: Create a “master macro” that runs at application start. Once started, the master macro could call your “worker” macro in certain intervals. The interval functionality may be based on the oobasic WAIT function or on a loop that compares current time to a certain time.

You can find some information here.

But it is reachable set a regular time interval without macros.

The option Menu/Insert/Link to external data, lets to set an interval time to update the link.

You can set a link with an empty .ods, but you need to have a named range in this file, because is needed to select it to get the link.

In this way I think it is possible to trigger the macro with the update of the cell that receive the link.

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many thanks for your help