How can i run multiple instances of soffice.bin at a time

hi ,
I need to run multiple instances of soffice.bin , on a windows environment.
I’ve been trying to change the User-Profile Location , but nothing happens , as the documentation says :

for Windows (soffice.exe -env:UserInstallation).

does anyone has a real world example regarding this matter ?
or is it by design that soffice.bin monitors and allowing one instance only ?


You mark your question with tag “Calc” - do you want open a few workbooks at the same time or really want have multiple independent servers of LibreOffice?

I would like to have multiple independent servers of LibreOffice , not several workbooks.

Thanks for your replay.

why do you need multiple Instances?

Hi johnson!

OpSys: Win8.1 x64
LibreOffice: LibreOffice_4.2.5_Win_x86.msi

First modify the bootstrap.ini
Comment out the UserInstallation property using a #:

ProductKey=LibreOffice 4.2

After that, you should start the libre office in no headless mode once.

start soffice.exe "-env:UserInstallation=file:///d:/tmp/p0/"

Then add multiple instances just like this:

start soffice.exe "-env:UserInstallation=file:///d:/tmp/p0/"  -headless -nofirststartwizard -accept="socket,host=,port=8100;urp;"
start soffice.exe "-env:UserInstallation=file:///d:/tmp/p1/"  -headless -nofirststartwizard -accept="socket,host=,port=8101;urp;"
start soffice.exe "-env:UserInstallation=file:///d:/tmp/p2/"  -headless -nofirststartwizard -accept="socket,host=,port=8102;urp;"

Regards Victor

This should be the correct answer.

Note that commenting out the UserInstallation line in bootstrap.ini is not necessary (or even might harm as then there is no default location and a startup without specifying one uses a builtin default). A “-env:UserInstallation=…” on the command line overrides the bootstrap.ini one.

Also note that bootstrap.ini on non-Windows systems is named bootstraprc

This is no official information! (In specific I never ran a dual sreen system.)

The only reason I know to run independent instances of LibreOffice concerns the different versions. I sometimes want to see in parallel the FRESH version and (even more than one) a STILL and/or a LEGACY version (capable of reading sdc e.g.). There is an article about parallel installations in the wiki but it does not explicitly describe mulptiple instances at a time. I personally did never have parallel installs on my Win OS but only one from the msi. And I have 3 different versions at hand as LibreOfficePortable and 1 OpenOfficePortable. I set “SingleAppInstance=false” in the proper .ini file in the Launcher folders of the portable versions and even (experimentally, not based on documentation) the same Key=value pair in my fix installed soffice.ini. Started from different locations all these applications will run their own binaries in different instances.

Editing with regard to @Carrbigdog 's subjoining question posted as an “answer”. I’m not allowed to place a second answer to the same thread.

You may create a basic folder for any of the segements you want to have for your work with LibO and “install” an extra PortableLibreOffice from the “LibreOfficePortable_x.y.z_MultilingualAll.paf.exe” in everyone of these folders. (You needn’t install the PortableApps platform for the purpose.) Then you may place the key-value-pair “SingleAppInstance=false” in the section [Launch] of “LibreOfficePortable\App\AppInfo\Launcher\LibreOfficePortable.ini” using a plain text editor.

Working in an additional segment of your activities will then start with opening the specific LibreOffice. You will have to open files from the application instead of from the system’s file manager. For everyone of your segments you will then run a completely independent instance of LibO. You may also have different settings, and, if appropriate, different versions. Of course, you should ensure having enough RAM.

Of course you can create some Windows users and run Calc with Shift+Right Click or with Runas - so you get some soffice.bin

But after karolus I want to ask - why?

hi all,

thanks for the replays ,

my goal is to run multiple instances of soffice.bin , so i can convert or remove OLE objects from files using scripts.
now i can do it file by file via one instance of soffice.bin , and its a bit slow.

in order to do it using multiple instances , i need to differ the process for monitoring .
meaning one process for one file.

I would like to run multiple instances to isolate some work from others. For instance spreadsheets of personal finance from Impress and Text documents for clients from Personal writing activities. I tend to keep a lot of things open at a time and when one problem is experienced it takes down all of the active work which may or may not be recoverable. I just lost two hours of writing because I switched from Write to Calc (Version: and Calc aborted with no message and the temp files were unrecoverable. I know that I should save more often, but if I could run these operations in different instances (ala Google Chrome tabs) it could save me from myself. This is not a new concept. In 1968 IBM introduced the S/38 which had compilers that generated re-entrant code, so the system would load one instance of executable which was used by all active instances. If one active instance crashed nothing else was lost.

I think not possible several instances on the same installation, but you can try with Si-Gui installation, easy to use, with it you can download and install several versions of LibreOffice or the same version in different folders, each with their own user profile, so it’s possible run several at once, I have verified.

Download from: si-gui
more information: SI GUI – Now with SDK + Naming | Florians Mind

Maybe it’s not exactly what you are looking for but I hope it serves to what you expect.

Having a multi-core processor (I did it in win7) you can assign a specific processor for every run,