How can I save a new style without lose it characteristics?

Hello, guys.
I am having a problem to open a template I created with the characteristics I saved it.
I use LibreOffice
I will explain you what exactly happens.

I created a new style and saved as a template.
I tried to make it my default template (“Set as default”), but it did not work (I don’t know why!).
When a open the LibreOffice, it do not show my new template as default and when I open the created template, it shows a style with others characteristics I do not want to use.

My template has Times New Roman (from mscorefonts) and the LibreOffice shows Liberation Mono. What is happening?

I would be very grateful if someone could help me.

Please help the helper to help you!

Explain step-by-step how you created the new style, how you save the file as a template and how you set it as your default template. This is important because such detailed information allows someone to find the problem and then the solution.