How can I save a Spreadsheet custom highlighting color palette

In Spreadsheet I have successfully created a palette of custom Background Colors. Due to frequent crashing, I must reset my user profile every few days to stop the crashing. It took me a long time to create the exact custom colors I want and do not want to do that every time I reset my user profile. Is there a way to save my entire palette of custom colors and insert it in my new user profile every time I reset it?

I have searched this forum for an answer but have found only answers that do not refer to Spreadsheet, and/or include menu steps that do not appear for me when I try to follow the instructions. A step-by-step guide for an idiot would be much appreciated.

I am using LibreOffice on Windows 10 Home. I have no third party anti-virus, and controlled folder access is off. I switched to Safe Mode today and so far the problem does no re-appear, but I have no user profile.



  1. Use LibreOffice 7.0.4 and wait until 7.1.x series of releases reaches a more stable phase
  2. Follow Wiki - Create color palette, which describes how to create your own color palette file, which you can
    • save to a file (.soc file)
    • backup to an save location not affected by resetting the user profile
    • restore after reset of your user profile

Hope that helps.

I removed LibreOffice with Revo Uninstaller, and downloaded LibreOffice 7.0.4. I created a custom color palette in LibreOffice Draw by clicking Format, Area, and adding colors. This custom palette is certainly saved somewhere, because when I open a new spreadsheet, text document, or drawing, the custom palette appears.
I want to back this file up somewhere in case of future crashes, but cannot it anywhere. C:\Program Files\LibreOffice\share\palette shows “.soc” files, but all were created long ago, so none can be my new custom palette.
The Wiki article you referred me to says custom palettes are stored as “.soc” files at
C:\Users\MY USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\LibreOffice\4\user\config, but a search
shows no “.soc” files.
I tried the detailed instructions in the Wiki article under the heading “Create a new color table”, but I think this is too difficult for me. Is there any way I can locate the file for the custom color palette I have already made and back it up elsewhere?

If there would be a way to export custom colors the way you describe - I’d had written that. There is no (simple) way to do so from LibreOffice user interface.

but a search shows no “.soc”

You need to create the custom palette files on your own according to the description provided (That’s what the description is about). Take one of the two examples shown in the Wiki documentation (My_palette 01.soc and My_palette 02.soc) and adapt to your need.

Will Do. Thanks for your help.