how can I scroll via laptop touchscreen

I know you can use side and bottom scroll bars but that doesn’t work for me. I am just about to sign up to Libre Office but that is the major issue for me to back away. If not a feature at present is it one that is due to come on board soon?

to sign up to Libre Office

There is no need “to sign-up” to LibreOffice. Download it, test it, use it (or don’t use it).

i have the same issue:
on kubuntu 20.04 libre-office does select text if i try to scroll with my touchscreen.

the question is similar to

also there is no satisfy answer there…

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Thanks for the answer, unforunately it isn’t helpful. I used the phrase ‘sign up’ meaning ‘start up and use Libreoffice on an ongoing basis’. I have alreasdy researched it and this is the only major issue for me. If this feature is not availabe then I will need to look elsewhere. Does anyone else know if this feature is available or potentially available in the near future or is there a ‘work-around’?

Thanks for the answer

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  • many users of LibreOffice assume that there is some kind of a (cloud-) service associated with LibreOffice . And in that sense my comment was about to avoid a misunderstanding.

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