How can i search for EOL caracters in Writer? [SOLVED]

i tried using the Alt-Search but it doesn’t seem to be workng under my Linux distro. - or maybe it’s just very old, anyway i am importing a document into Writer and i need to remove all of the EOL caracters so that each line will fill the page and i can format better.

Is there any way of doing this?

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There is no such character as EOL, even in plain text ASCII files!

In Writer, what looks like the end of line can be represented in three ways:

  1. nothing: ordinary line wrap where Writer chooses the wrap position
  2. line break: caused by Shift+Enter forcing line wrap without leaving the paragraph
  3. paragraph break: indicated by Enter making a line wrap and leaving the paragraph

You can’t edit 1. 2 and 3 have different conventional representation and are not characters but markup and are managed differently by Find & Replace. 2 is \n in a regexp while 3 can only be edited if the regexp is reduced to $ alone.

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Well, what do you know.

i imported a page of text into the word processor Kate and activated Find and Replace. At the bottom, i selected Mode: Escape sequences. Then, in the document, i selected the space to the right of the last word and just before the next line. With my mouse, i brought up the menu and selected Copy. We then pasted this into the Find: window/field at the bottom of the page. For the Replace: window/field, we placed a space so that when the program ran, it just deleted the EOL and separated the words correctly.

Wuhu! Thanks, LibreOffice for your help and time! and Have a radiant evening! :slight_smile:

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Kate is not a “word processor” but a text editor playing with plain text without formatting. If Kate fulfilled your purpose, this means you don’t need at all the sophisticated powerful features of Writer.

Or else, you question was not formulated right.

Open Writer and select the text you want to remove paragraph breaks from.

Click Edit > Find and Replace. In the dialog that opens tick the box that says regular expressions. Tick Current selection only if you are searching only part of the text

In Find type $ in Replace enter a space . Click the button that says Replace all. Cheers, Al

BTW the Help button in the dialog leads you to further regular expressions