How can I see recent documents upon startup?

When I start LibreOffice, I would like to see all of my recent documents. How can I configure Libre do that?


this is default if you start LibreOffice’s start center - the thumbnails you see in the right panel is the recent documents list. File -> Recent Documents shows you the same list of files and if you want to change the number of files to appear in the list (or number of thumbnails shown) you need to change settings: Tools -> Option -> LibreOffice -> Button: Open Expert Configuration -> Search: History -> Option: org.openoffice.Officce.Common\History\PickListSize to a value matching your needs (default: 25). If you start a LibreOffice Module directly (e.g Writer) your only choice is File -> Recent Documents

PS: The only way to have no recent documents list would be to set 0 in the setting mentioned above.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks - I was opening Writer instead of the Start center.

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