How can I select a Calc sheet without it dragging the contents?

Using: Fedora 26, LibreOffice v5.3.7.2, ODS format.

Normally I would be able to left-click a sheet at the bottom of a Calc document, and it would switch sheets. The issue is when a sheet is left-clicked, the sheet will change to the desired selection, but will also grab onto the sheet and be attached to the mouse. This means I need to hit ESC to release the contents, left-click onto the sheet contents to release the contents, or left-click on the sheets bar which rearranges the sheet order.

Could there be a Libre setting, which affects this behavior?

Hello @bulgogikitchen,

instead of clicking with the mouse, you could also select a Sheet by keyboard:

CTRL+PageUp goes to the previous sheet;

CTRL+PageDown goes to the next sheet.

HTH, lib

Not only does this get around the problem for me, but oddly enough, after using the hotkey the problem immediately disappeared. Now I can click sheets with normal behavior. Thanks!

Hehe that’s great to read :slight_smile: