How can I select non-consecutive rows in Calc?

I need to move non-consecutive rows in Calc. How do select a group of these rows and then move them, delete them, copy them,…?

What do you mean by “non-consecutive rows”? Rows are always consecutive - one row follows the other. Do you mean “ranges containig rows without any entry (blank rows)”?

If yes - consider a filter and unselect “(empty)

I meant rows that are not next to the other rows I want to move. I have a file that has all of my current contacts, newer contacts that need to be organized, and all of the contacts that Gmail recorded for me from the time I got my Gmail account (way back around 2000) until earlier this year. So I’ve got a a huge collection of contacts, complete with many duplicates, that I started to organize. If I can select multiple non-sequential rows and delete, move. or copy them, it would save me a hell of a lot of time. I tried to do it in OpenOffice but was that it wasn’t possible and I deleted OpenOffice as it had become increasingly unstable anyway. Thanks for your help.

You can select a collection of non adjacent rows with Ctrl+click:

  • select the first row through usual means, e.g. clicking on its rank in the left “margin”/column
  • press Cntrl and add something to the selection (dragging with mouse or again clicking on row line)
  • repeat at will

But, I don’t know if you can move the selection. You can anyway apply common “processing” to the collection (delete values, change visual attributes, set common formula, etc.).

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I think I tried that but I’ll check again. Might there be a third-party software program that will do it?

2022, March

How about menu bar, Data - More filters - Standard filter ?
You get a box to enter cell selection values and then the matching records are presented so they can be copied out or otherwise manipulated.

LO Version:

AFAIK, you can’t move non-consecutive rows. But…

You can select them (as @ajlittoz explained), copy (Ctrl+C), delete the rows (Ctrl+numeric minus, Enter) and paste (Ctrl+V). They will be pasted as consecutive rows.

Ctrl+Shift+Alt+V will paste them as non-consecutive rows (but without formatting).

Tested with LibreOffice