How can I set different colors for Calc and Writer?

I need to use some more eyesight-friendly colors (dark grey background, light grey grid/font), but I can’t find any per-app setting. Is there a way to set different colors (application background, document background, font) in Calc and Writer?
My problem specifically is that I had to change the Font colour to have a visible highlighted cell border in Calc (which I believe is a bug, and a really nasty one at that, took me days to figure out this is the setting that controls the highlighted cell border and it doesn’t reflect the change until the settings window is closed and the cell highlight is changed). And this leaves me with a changed font color in Writer, which makes all the text unreadable.
So for this specific problem, I guess one possible solution would be to have some other setting to control the highlighted cell border color, but it still would be nice if I could change the default colors on a per-application basis.