How can I set one animation pattern for an entire text block

Linux Mint, 17.3, 64 bit, KDE -
LibO 5.0.3, 5.4.1, 5.3.6 -

In LibO 5.0.3 I could select an entire text frame of a slide and add a certain animation for entrance including some tuning like entrance on 1st or 2nd level for the entire text frame.

Click text frame > click add > sub window opens > enter the first character of the entrance pattern > select the entrance patter I wanted > OK. Fine tuning is possible but not relevant here.

In LibO 5.3.6 and 5.4.1 above procedure is not possible anymore

Procedure: Click text frame > click add > no sub window opens > the animation the default pattern “Appear” is selected by default and no other pattern can be selected.

Next click “>” left side of the animation > all text lines of the text box appear with the default pattern “Appear”

If I want now to change from “Appear” to “Peek in” I need to select the animation entry for each line in the text box to apply changes. I even cannot use the first character of a pattern anymore to at least quickly reach the needed pattern “Peek in”, but have to scroll down always.

As this is so extremely in-productive, I assume that there is a setting somewhere, which enables a procedure like in 5.0.3, where I can set the Entrance pattern for the entire text box right from the beginning to “Peek in”.

I searched in Impress and LibO in general for such a setting but could not find one.

1 - Where is such a setting?
2 - Is there another procedure which allows the much more efficient way of working like in 5.0.3

Thanks in advance for your help!