How can I set the author name to my name in Office Writer?

Whenever I am using track changes, the author name is displayed as ‘unknown author’.

May I point out that the application cannot know who actually authored a document or changes to it?

The settings already mentioned here usually indicate who set up the user profile or for whom it was created. Someone else may be sitting at the keyboard, and the content of a document may have been imported via OCR or …
To take these facts into account, one can use >File>Properties>>Custom Properties. There you can indicate e.g. the actual author.
These additional properties can then be inserted/shown as TextField contents.

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Try to fill your informations in Tools - Options - LibreOffice - User Data.

Also see this article in help.

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Thank you for sharing the link…

In my case, I created the document before setting my user data, so the changes didn’t appear.

I had to do the following: go to FilePropertiesGeneral (tab) → press the Reset button next to Use personal data.

Just in case anyone else has this problem.


Go to Tools | Options | LibreOffice | User Data and make sure there are details in First/last name/Initials

Make sure Use data for document properties is selected. You may have to restart LO for the changes to show up.

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Thank you. It worked…

Complete solution:

  1. Tools → options → User data ; fill in First/last name/Initials, and make sure “Use data for document properties” is enabled.
  2. File → Properties → General (tab), and enable “Use personal data” then press “Reset properties”.
  3. Save document

LibreOffice saves “user data” to be applied to next new documents; you may want to review these options for default behavior, and make it not affect that customized document:

  1. Open custom document
  2. File → Properties → General (tab), disable “Use personal data”.
  3. Save and close document
  4. Tools → options → User data ; restore your desired defaults.