How can I set the default wrap mode for inserting images in text, in Writer

Writer. LibreOffice

By default, images are inserted with Optimal Page Wrap. I’d prefer No Wrap as the default. I know how to set it on an image by image basis, but I can’t see where to change the default.

Open Styles and Formatting pane, then tab Frame Styles. Right click the style Graphics. From the list choose item Modify. In the tab Wrap set the desired kind of wrapping.

This setting is stored in the document. If you want to make it automatically set in all new documents, you need to define an own document template and make this setting there. Then define that this new template is your standard document template.

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thanks, just what I needed

Thanks! For anyone else who’s updated to version 6: The Styles & Formatting pane can be opened with the View->Styles menu option.

Thank you. That has been bugging me since I load a lot of graphics in my documents. Kudos!

… Stupid question: where mighty I find “Styles and Formatting” on LibreOffice Version:

“Styles and Formatting” is one of the panes in the sidebar on the right side of the LibreOffice window.

Regina, Thanks for guiding old man! Now I finally found it!

On my version of LibreOffice Writer the right hand panel has (according icon tooltips): “Properties”, “Page”, “Styles”, “Gallery” and “Navigator”. No “Styles and Formatting”. Under “Styles” I see only list of paragraph syles. Above the list there are more unlabelled icons, and one of those, again through tooltips, appears to be “Frame Styles”.

It is sad that receiving absolutely correct “peer support” advice (or app help!) on any app — not just LibreOffice — one is assumed to know the whereabouts of all knobs and controls hidden under unlabelled icons scattered around (possibly hidden) toolbars framing the app window.

It is sad that not all options can be accessible from simple old fashioned text menus. One might assume that word processor users are not illiterate, thus simple text based menus leading to correct switch without mentioning unlabelled icons should be possible to all controls.

For LibreOffice you can find this options as follows:

  1. View → Styles (or F11)

  2. in right side pane “Styles” in top section choose the symbol for frame (3rd from left)

  3. in Menu choose Graphics → right mouse click → Modify

  4. in new Window “Frame Style: Graphics” choose register “Wrap” → Settings “None”

PS: I struggled some time to find this section, even with this explanation above.

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Many thanks.