How can I set the path a .ott file is saved to the path from which a file was opened?


when opening a template file (.ott), editing it and saving it, I would like to have the folder from which it was opened as default in saving. Can one achieve this? I use macOS 10.12.6 and libre office

I changed /LibreOffice/Preferences/LibreOffice/Paths/My Documents to the path, where I want to save template files most often. First I changed …/Templates without the desired effect; The reason is that the file type is changed automatically from .ott to .odt when saving an edited .ott file.
In my opinion this is not the appropriate way to solve the problem, as I might want to save ott-files also in other projects and other paths.

I also tried changing the /LibreOffice/Preferences/“Load/Save”/General/“Load user-specific settings with the document” option from selected to unselected. But without effect with respect to the path of file saving.

Is there a propriate solution to my question to remember the original location of the .ott file?


you seem to open templates the wrong way - use File -> Templates -> Open Templates... (the way to open templates) and the path from where it has been opened will be remembered and nothing will change to .odt. It will be opened as .ott and the filename will be kept.

Hope that helps.

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OK, thanks, I understand now the origin of my problem. I will open the templates the way you described. (Just tried it.)
I used to open them by a double click on the file in the finder (file manager). I think this should also be a way to open templates.

I will mark the question as answered now. Maybe it is an issue of security that double clicking on an .ott file will not open this as ott type. In my opinion it would be more comfortable for me to have that functionality.