How can I set the size the ordinary number suffixes?

When I input ordinary numbers, like “1st”, "2nd’ and so on, the autocorrect is set to replace the suffix letter by their superscripts, ok. But, the superscripts are too small, and I would like to set them for a more visible size. How can I do it?

I can’t find an automatic way. Once typing is finished, you can search all superscript text and resize (manually or by character style).

AutoCorrect is based on macros which add direct formatting. If you want to control yourself the subscript properties, disabled this AutoCorrect feature and use a custom character style. Of course this implies more manual typing and it’s up to you to decide between easy automatic too-small ordinal suffix or manual fully controlled procedure. It depends on the number of ordinals.

I tried to create a new autocorrect replacement entry (.*_nd for nd as superscript plus modified settings to enlarge it). Then typing 22_nd leads to a replacement by… spaces. Seems to be a bug for me. If I enter the same autocorrect with only a font color change, it works, giving 22nd with “nd” colored.

In the character (style) (or paragraph style) properties, change the value in the Relative font size field on the Position tab.

Not paragraph style.

I have tried that, but no success… It doesn’t change size provided of AutoCorrect macro…
Then, I’d like to add this matter as a suggestion of improvement to further versions: enable the user to set the size of automatic superscripts and/or subscripts !

I’d like to add this matter as a suggestion of improvement

Go to where you can post an enhancement request.