How can I show recent files in toolbar icon?

I got a new win10 machine. On an older one, when I right click the toolbar icon for calc or writer, it shows a few file names. On my new machine it’s not doing that. How can set the new one to do it?

I right click the toolbar icon for calc or writer

the toolbar icon… - Which toolbar are you talking about? Are you in fact talking about a Windows feature (e.g. pinning documents to the Windows taskbar)?

Sorry. the taskbar at the bottom of the screen.

ok, just as supposed - might be related to bug tdf#76131, though you seem to be in a different situation and in fact are trying to enable it at all, while the bug is about being enforced to re-initiate the functionality after each upgrade of LibreOffice.

In your link, I don’t know what “invalid” means. This is a new install on a new computer.

In Libre File>recent documents then it shows list of documents


OP is talking about pinned icons in Windows Taskbar and not about “Recent Files” within LibreOffice.