how can i show two views of the same data, where changing either one changes the other?

I have a situation where a computer averse individual is only accustomed to seeing information in one presentation, and a group of individuals need to see the same information differently organized. Both parties need to enter and modify that information with their respective preference. If one party makes a change, it needs to propagate to the other’s view of that information. The same item can change repeatedly.

Were it the case that only one of the two presentations were modified, sure, just reference it from the other view. But the reference gets wiped out when the second party makes a change.

Here’s the actual example: it’s a work schedule. One view is a monthly calendar with workers’ names, and the beginnings and ends of their shifts. The other view comes about because the employer uses a fiscal fortnight which does not coincide with the beginning of a month, or even a week. Shifts change because of budget priorities, weather, personal obligations outside work, and so on.

Creating a third view upon which the first two depend is not an acceptable solution. Is there some sort of macro or programming solution which will recognize modified cells and transfer the change?

(I cannot give a solution or advice as expected by the OQ.)

This is a case prone to hidden contradictions, needing thorough analysis based on complete information, and far beyond what can be done here. A solution will require a professionally developed database application, IMO. Spreadsheet software cannot be used for it. An amateurish patchwork solution will put everything at risk.