How can I sort a large Writer file?

I have a file of 145 pages of one-line paragraphs. When I try to sort it using the built-in sort function in the latest version, it replies that it can’t sort it. Is there some trick I can use, or is there a utility that will do the job? Here is my setup:

End PC Noise custom AMD Fusion Media PC,
AMD A8-3850 2.9GHz quad-core CPU,
4GB Kingston PC3 RAM,
2 Intel 520 series 120GB SATA III SSD,
Lenovo 24” pivot monitor,
Northgate Omnikey Ultra keyboard,
Linux Mint 18.3 Mate,

it replies that it can’t sort it

This is how one can ensure that potential helpers don’t get necessary information. What is the exact message? What are the sorting options you use in the sort dialog?

I’d expect it to work actually. And I have just tried with (on Win10) with some dummy data (lorem ipsum broken to one-word paragraphs, and copy-pasted multiple times until the document is 153 pages long) - and it works. Could you provide the document?

The message is “Can’t sort selection.” It is the same whether anything is selected or not. I don’t select anything, since I want to sort the entire file/. I will be glad to upload the file, but the Ask LO help file does not explain how to do so, and searching on “upload” yields nothing.If you can give me directions, I’ll upload it without further delay.

Just use any file sharing service, and provide a link here.

By the way: you have enough karma to just attach file here into the question itself, using special button (“Attachment (Ctrl+F)”) on the message’s toolbar. Just edit your question and use that button.

That would be great, but I can’t find the message’s toolbar, and control-F doesn’t do anything at all.

Did you try to edit your question?

I see nothing on the page that allows editing. We seem to be getting further and further from the question.

I asked you for a document. I suggested that you put it to a share and post a link here (which doesn’t need editing at all). I also noted that you have enough karma to attach files here if you like. You started to talk about attaching. I cannot come closer to help unless you decide how to proceed with providing the document.

I have been computing since 1965, but I have no idea what “put it to a share and post a link” means. If you would be kind enough to explain in newbie language, I’ll be glad to do it. Otherwise, I have no idea of how to attach a file. And if you look at the original page above, you will see that there is no “edit” button. I have no idea why not.

I sometimes use service to upload a file (the service doesn’t require registration), and then get an URI from there and paste it to a comment.

And if you look at the original page above, you will see that there is no “edit” button

If you look at my screenshots above, you will see that I definitely had looked at the original page above, and that I definitely saw the Edit button. But the “why” cannot be told - many factors: OS, browser, settings, …

Many thanks for your clear instructions. You will find the file at
It is a list of Netflix films, interspersed with a lot of garbage that I have manually deleted in the first 15 pages. What I want to do is sort the whole file at once, so that the rest of the garbage is collected together and can be deleted without further ado.

@mikekaganski: How did you insert an image in the comment? There is a toolbar icon to do this in answers but not in comments. I see the code: ![Attach:](upload://oacaidOVlau4IJH7gfsbIHBLNTP.png), but how did you upload it?

@jimk: Just use controls in Answer, and then cut-n-paste to comment :slight_smile:

Great; thanks.

Ok, thanks for the file. It wouldn’t be possible to answer without the file, because there is a detail there that prevents sorting: the file is divided to infinite number of sections. You may see thin horizontal lines between most of paragraphs that indicate borders of the sections. Writer can only sort paragraphs inside a section, not across sections.

You should remove the sections prior to sorting. To do so:

  1. Go to menu FormatSections...
  2. Click somewhere in the list below Section input box, to make the list active.
  3. Select all items using Ctrl+A
  4. Press Remove button
  5. OK

Now sorting should work normally.

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