How can I stop spreadsheet losing my changes on save?

Sometimes the spreadsheet comes up with the message “The file has been changed since it was opened for editing in LibreOffice. Saving your version of the document will overwrite changes made by others. Do you want to save anyway?”

Since I am the only user of my machine and don’t share a library with anyone else, this is patent nonsense.

If I select “save anyway”, it pretends to save my data. However, when I come back later, I find I am reverted to the previous version and all my changes have been lost.

I have also tried “save as”, specifying the original name of the file. Again, it pretends to save. Again, it turns out that it hasn’t.

The only option which seems to work is using “save as” to save my work under a new name every time. I can then delete the original file and rename the new file back to the correct name. What a palaver!

Is there any way of getting LibreOffice to save reliably? Or should I go back to Apache OpenOffice, which for all its faults, doesn’t destroy my data (except when it crashes).

I’m running Version: on an MacBook under macOS Cataline v10.15.6

I hope you feel more secure because it is a security feature added by Apple to Mac.

You need to allow Full Disk Access to LibreOffice, see this question 21403 . From what I read you might need to restart LO by clicking Quit (is it Cmd+Q?) not just close, and then opening LO again, before it takes effect.